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Tasman Sewing for your Everyday Sewing Needs

Tailor with Measuring Tape


Custom Alterations

Wear your outfits with confidence & comfort. Who can deny the appeal of someone dressed in a well fitted garment? My Custom Alterations services are just what you need to feel great in your clothes & look amazing in your personal style.

Taking Measurments

Private Fittings

Tasman Sewing provides stylish designs and Private Fitting services to all clients. As with all services provided, my Private Fitting options leave the decision up to you in terms of style and cut. Most importantly, you’ll feel confident & look great.

Other Services

Tasman Sewing also offers handbag repairs, custom handbag making, curtain alterations & repairs. Also some home décor sewing. 

Check out below for a list of prices and services. Let us know if you have a special request & we'll see how we can help you. 


Pricing & Services
New prices are displayed below.
*pricing is indicative please get in touch for an estimate. There is minimum charge of $30 


Trousers & Pants

Shorten Hem from                      $30

Adjust Trouser Waist from          $40

Adjust Jeans Waistband from     $45

Slim Pant Legs from                    $45

Repair Zip (including Zipper)  $45-65

Mending from                                $30

Darn Crotch                                   $45

Shirts & Blouses

Shorten Sleeves from                 $45

Shorten T-Shirt Sleeves from     $30

Shorten Shirt/Top Hem from     $35

Adjust Side Seams from            $30

Lift Shoulders from                    $30

Resize from                                 $45

Dresses & Skirts

Adjust Skirt Side Seam                $35 

Adjust Dress Side Seam               $45

Adjust Hem Length from              $45

Repair/New Zip from                    $45

Shoulders/Straps from                $30

Dressmaking/Pattern Making           


Lengthen False Hem from           $65



Shorten Sleeves from                   $75

Shorten Hem from                        $75

Adjust Side Seam from                 $65

Adjust Back Seam from                $35

Lift Shoulder from                         $85

Repair Zip from                              $65

Replace Lining (enquire for estimate) 

Home Decor

Custom Cushion Covers

(excluding Fabric) from     $50 each

Shorten Curtains                     $60p/h

Other Services

Small Repair eg Buttons, Tear from                                                       

Mending From                               $30


Handbag Repairs


General Sewing                       $60p/h

Custom Handbag       Please Enquire


Meet the Team

Kerrylee Ward


I'm passionate about sewing & making comfortable, wearable, & stylish outfits; whether it's refashioning, alterations,  repairing your favourite garment, or creating you a new garment from scratch. 


I also have a passion for making custom handbags from NZ Retro woolen blankets & leather. I enjoy preserving these iconic gems for another generation to enjoy. Check out K+L Creations NZ  on facebook or enquire to find out more about these bags.



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Ph: 0223886410

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm 
Sat & Sun: Closed

Located in Motueka

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